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At the very bottom of the heart in your computer system, lays the term motherboard. The motherboard is the part that can connect every component inside your CPU box. The better the connection is rehearsed, the better your computer will run. Considering the importance of motherboard, for you who keen on playing any computer game better, choosing the right motherboard would an activity that is important to do precisely. The consideration below may help you a little bit better.

Choose the type of Processing Unit

The item of activity of selecting a processor is also related closely to the option of the compatible motherboard. The kind of Processor you choose will also affect the motherboard. Individual processors, like one of Intel’s, will require a different type of motherboard than AMD’s type. These considerations will get you closer to the correct choice of motherboard for your last activity of gaming.

Money Intel Motherboards

Get the motherboard that supports your processor

Previously we have inspected the synchronisation of the motherboard and your processing unit. The one on Intel’s requires different types of the motherboard from one of the AMD’s. Different generation and specs of the processor from the same manufacturer need various kinds of motherboard also. Check carefully through the specs and for additional information you can always visit the web. Avoid spending your money on the things that would be useless.

The feature of overclocking

When you are overclocking you CPU, it is compulsory for you to get a motherboard that enables you to vary the FSB velocity and the CPU amount of voltage.

RAM support and memory compatibility

To optimise your gaming activity, the motherboard should be able to support at least DDR2 RAM. The reason is that DDR2 is fast enough to push your action to the limit. There is also expensive DDR3 RAM on the market as your additional options. Some motherboard only supports less speed than other. Usually, the more expensive the motherboard is, the better it supports the speed and capacity of the computer system.

You can always upgrade your RAM as you go. The slot of memory on your mother board, the more you can improve your speed. Today’s motherboards may even equip with four slots to maximise the memory capacity.

AMD High-End Overclocking Motherboard

SLI/ Crossfire ready facility

SLI motherboards enable you to use more than one, mostly two, high-performance graphic or video card to render the graphic on your computer to show the picture on your computer. These two cards work together hand in hand to serve a better and faster visual resolution onto your screen. Some motherboards have this ability, and some others do not. To prepare better for your future gaming activity, though at the time being you are not applying the particular system, you had better choose this kind of motherboard

SATA2 Controller

SATA2 has the ability to data transferring twice as fast as the SATA1. For gaming activity, the extra speed is critical to increasing the performance. The better the performance of your computers the better you play the game. The SATA2 provides you more compatibility as you can also place SATA1 on it. The case is different with the SATA1 port because you cannot place SATA2 on it. So, SATA2 motherboards provide you more flexibility of choosing your option.

Other extra features

Other extra features like some additional ports as USB 2.0 for general purposes, firewire or USB 1.0 for your digital video activities, LAN for your connectivity are also some consideration to support you as a gamer. Some motherboards provide you plenty of USB 2.0 slots. Feature that not important from a motherboard, as a gamer, are the onboard graphic and sound card. The onboard cards cannot support your need. The latest popular games available on the market urge you to use good enough graphic and sound cards. These games are demanding enormous capacities from those cards.


The better motherboard and computing system that you possess the better you play the game. By choosing the motherboards precisely you would be able to lift up the level of your gaming capacity.


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