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Avid bikers are on the road to get some exercise and enjoy the great weather. Others take a quiet ride along the country road to have fun, while others commute to work. Motorbike helmets are must-haves nowadays as it is used for protection against possible accidents. And there is an increasing number of motorcycle helmets making use of Bluetooth technology to make owners enjoy their riding experience. You may personally choose from Ironhorsetrading’s guide on the Best Motorcycle Earplugs for your road trips.

The Best Motorcycle Ear Plugs

For riding enthusiasts, it could be a lot of fun when you ride a motorcycle. What more if you are wearing the best helmet speakers? You can listen to your favorite MP3 music as you travel down the road. Much as wearing a helmet is obligatory in some states; you can find the best pair of speakers under your helmet, which is intricately designed. If you have been searching for these helmet speakers, you’ll be aware that there are a lot of varieties to choose from. You will know what to and what not to expect if you’re looking for the best motorcycle ear plugs.

The speakers found in your Bluetooth helmet are similar to those personal headphones you use. The speakers provide you the same durability, comfort, and great sounds. However, they have to be connected to your helmet and work just like when you need it – for riding a motorcycle.

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What to Ponder Before Buying the Helmet Speakers?

Before you make your purchase for the best helmet speaker, it may feel great to ask yourself few questions so that you know it is compatible with you and those travel requirements have been answered. This will help you select what, helmet speaker will suit your needs, preferences, and budget:

  • Are they comfortable to your ears?

There are speakers innovated to slide into the helmet’s ear pads; there are also some that do not allow it. Depending on what kind of helmet you have, you need to choose a design and model that will fit properly on your motorcycle helmet, so you feel comfortable all throughout your joyride.

  • Do you wear motorcycle riding gloves?

Most helmet headphones provide some buttons and volume controls. For the best helmet speakers, the controls easily work with gloved hands. But there are also those maneuvered by hands which make driving a motorbike difficult. There are also times you need to consider controlled wireless speakers.

  • Is there a need for a microphone?

Sometimes, you need a microphone to have everything done by your Bluetooth helmet. It allows you to make or receive phone calls while you drive down the roads. There’s no more need of stopping or removing the helmet as you do it while riding. You can even use the GPS navigation to tell you which streets to take you to your destination.


Why Own a Bluetooth Helmet or a Motorcycle Ear Plugs?

Active lifestyles nowadays require that we stay in constant contact with others. Many of us bring our mobile phones and never fail to miss a call. If you pair your mobile phone with a Bluetooth helmet, you can easily receive and make calls in the breeze. Once you’re in a call, you have the choice to pull off the side of the road or continue while riding. The calls you make will depend on every situation. This is when a speaker and microphone are necessary to handle your calls while wearing the helmet.

Another reason to own the Bluetooth helmet is the GPS navigation. When you pair your Bluetooth device with a handheld GPS, you allow it to give you GPS voice commands. It can come handy when you explore the country roads or places you have never been on an afternoon outing.

It also allows your bike to bike communication. If you are riding your motorcycle with a group of friends, it will be so much easier to converse with them without stopping or yelling at each other. When you pair your Bluetooth helmet to a two-way radio system, you allow yourself to talk freely with your friends. It’s really helpful to keep in touch with some friends even if you are riding separately at one time.

How to Decide the Purchase?

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You may need to consider whether you prefer speakers attached with adhesive or a clamp to the motorcycle helmet. They can also come with a thin headband to fit your helmet. Below are three examples of motorcycle ear plugs to narrow down your options:

1)    IDEAPRO Waterproof V6 Bluetooth Headset

This headset offers an auto-call receiving feature that is hands-free and allows you to stay focused on the road. You can communicate with a maximum of six people by enabling switches for conference calls. The device is also waterproof making it withstand any weather conditions.

2)    IASUS XSound 3 Helmet Speakers

This is one of the best motorbike helmet speakers. It is made of high-quality aluminum to ensure lightweight and sleek design. It is compatible with any smartphone, media players, and portable music. It has a good bass and sound quality.

3)    Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless Helmet Audio

This innovation uses a simple looking pair of thin speakers connected to each other by a single wire. If the helmet has an inbuilt ear pouch, the speakers can be easily installed in your helmet. However, just like any motorcycle helmet speakers, they need to be positioned properly so the wearer can hear great sounds. It comes with a built-in microphone, so you don’t have to use your hands for communication.

Your chosen motorcycle helmet speakers will greatly depend on your needs, the comfort and quality it provides. You also need to choose them on something that fits your budget. Yes, you want to use it for communication, listening to music and GPS navigation without using your hands as you are driving. To ensure that you compare prices and read first-hand reviews to know which one is most suited for your needs.

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