Pixma MX882

One of the flagships of the next generation of Canon Pixma printers adds, the Pixma MX882 multifunction printer a few upgrades on the line – especially regarding speed – but leaves some to be desired amenities. Like many other Pixma all-in-one, there is still a large, square, black box (which weighs more than 25). And it does not offer a large colour touchscreen that more manufacturers are rolling out. While it makes a 2.5-inch colour LCD, is less impressive, what Canon calls the “new dual-function panel, [that] makes navigating through menus and features a much smoother process.”

I have the extra unlabeled, buttons, found a little confusing at first (they make sense for you to use the fax), and was not able to figure out how to turn off the loud sounds that come with every keystroke. Update: 21 March 2011. Many thanks to reader Martijn Verduin the Netherlands, that there is a place under the Device User Settings menu to make to adjust the volume on the keypad instructions carefully.

Canon PIXMA MX882

On the bright side, Canon has ramped up pressure times velocity impressively with the MX882. While the similarly priced Canon Pixma MX860 took a minute about a 4×6 photo printing at the standard quality, the MX882 took a very respectable 33 seconds, without the quality and sharpness that Canon PIXMA knew for it. And you can also check out the LG Optimus 3D Deal! Warm up and the first page out times was also impressive, with the first page of a Word document (via a wireless network) in 16 seconds at standard quality and each side takes about five seconds. A large PDF took a little longer to get started, and pages took about twice as long as the Word document.

The MX882 uses five cartridges which help to produce lively and seems fine prints and photos. Graphics looked particularly good, but the photos were perfectly fine, if not fantastic. Nevertheless, it is an all-in-one, so no big problem there.

Setting up the printer has taken a while, but was trouble-free, always work to the built-in wireless was simple. Like most PIXMA I’ve tried, there is nothing wrong with the MX882, it’s an updated version of the previous PIXMA, and there is much the same price. It seems they would like to phase out the old lines because there is little reason to spend nearly the same money on the MX860.


The Canon Pixma MX882 is a worthy upgrade to the Pixma line. While it offers many of the same features as the MX860, it’s much faster and almost the same price. The printer has built-in Wi-Fi and automatic duplex unit and an extended keyboard, you face will help keep the printer employed by excessive (even if it’s still pretty full). Speeds were excellent, in particular for photos, and the quality was everything I expected from a Canon printer. It’s pretty big multifunction printers, however, and takes up about as much space as a laser printer



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