Samsung SCX-4623F

A glowing recommendation for a Samsung printer is becoming almost a Monty event in these pages. Following the Samsung SCX-4600, this retooled version that adds 33.6Kb / fax facilities (among others) s in the mix.

Some multifunctional devices make it difficult for you to switch between different functions. Not the Samsung SCX-4623F. This device comes with a simple yet intuitive control panel with buttons that let you slip seamlessly from one mode to another with the help of cheap OEM software.


And while the generous sampling of the number of tests needed for a good fax machine can swamp a lesser product, the Samsung SCX-4623F-pleasing interface remains clean and tidy.

The general specifications are very similar to that of the Samsung SCX-4600, with the same 1200x1200dpi printing and scanning resolutions. Again, the robust paper to 250 sheets. The finished prints from the Samsung SCX-4623F come from the slot in the middle of the printer, a somewhat inelegant solution which, like the Samsung SCX-4600 will not be desirable for large print jobs.

As with the other Samsungs, the Samsung SCX-4623F MFD has the Print Screen button to an almost instant snapshot of what you are viewing on the screen. While not a killer feature, this is a useful extra that Samsung seems to be rolled out on all new models.

While the Samsung SCX-4623F SCX-4600 is similar to the in many ways, it does have a few extras of its own. And not only to the above fax but also in the form of a convenient 40-sheet automatic document feeder.

This adds extra functionality to the already beautiful scanning component – speeds are very respectable, with good attention to colour.

Samsung SCX-4623F ReviewThe Samsung SCX-4623F has no network facilities. However, should you require it, an improved model with these features, the SCX-4623FN is available for an extra 45.

Strangely, the Samsung SCX-4623F was a bit slower in print tests than the SCX-4600, which our tests with figures of 15.8 and 14.6 pages per minute (in standard and best quality, respectively), rather than the scores of 17.6ppm and 16.2ppm carved by the SCX-4600F.

This is a bit puzzling since the official rate of Samsung’s figures for the latter is identical to those of the Samsung SCX-4623F. Nevertheless, the difference is not as dramatic in reality.

At its fastest, the Samsung SCX-4623F lasted 38 seconds instead of 34 of the SCX-4600F, so the real difference between the two should be small. And, at least this level of performance is still quite reasonable, considering the price.

The Samsung SCX-4623F is well on quality, with clean, accurate reproduction of text, and the ability to generate many details while printing out graphics – traditionally a weak spot for mono laser printers.


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